Back to Back Best Speech and Best Article Right Here

This didn’t stop me from being pissed about the neoliberal circus act that was the implementation and subsequent repeal of a corporate head tax by the Seattle City Council. But it does make me feel a little better to know that A) someone gave those fucking cowardly shills hell and B) people like this are out fighting.

First, the article. Just, this headline. I could cry.

Please Stand For Our New National Anthem: ‘What’s Up, Bootlickers?’

How much is a good megaphone? All I want to do is pull up places where liberal shit is going on so I can shout “What’s Up, Bootlickers?”

Also, maybe I’ve been too hard on HuffPo? I mean, if they’re both willing to publish this article and generally employ a woman like Ashley Feinberg…

It was only a month ago that the council voted unanimously to pass an employee hours tax, which would have charged large corporations $275 per year for every worker in Seattle; the money would have been used to fund affordable housing and homeless services. Amazon, the largest employer in the city, decided it did not want to contribute to a fraction of the cost needed to help the city’s homeless population of 12,000. The Seattle City Council was happy to oblige. Boots, after all, will not lick themselves.

i love you gif

And now, for the speech.

what’s up bootlickers. i just spent forty minutes watching a seattle city council meeting so i could videocap this.

— ag radley (@ag_radley) June 13, 2018

It really starts with “what’s up, bootlickers?”

The full transcript of the short, awesome speech where this man does not let anyone interrupt him to complain about the swearing is in the article. And the article ends with:

Is your city council also full of feckless shills? Then please respect our flag by stopping by to ask those bootlickers what’s up. 

Maybe the human race is worth saving.