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Are you a woman? Need to break down a lot of boxes, or demolish a wall in your home to create a more open feel, and need some motivation to get started?
Read this:

How Hillary Clinton’s Loss Hurt Women in the Workplace

While Clinton’s failure “did not shift personal attitudes towards female leaders,” it increased the belief that the deck was stacked in favor of men. Specifically, participants in two post-election studies were less likely to view female workers as having strong potential to rise in an organization. 

“This work finds evidence for a ‘reverse Obama effect’ that undermines perceived likelihood of advancement of underrepresented minorities,” University of Queensland researchers Miriam Yates and Tyler Okimoto write in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. “Such high-profile failures may serve as a reminder that a glass ceiling still exists, particularly in the highest levels of power and influence in American society.”

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Now, you should know that I was and still am highly critical of neoliberal Hillary Clinton. However, I still (of course) wanted her over Trump, completely expected her to win, and was devastated when she didn’t. Regardless, this is how I feel about the news that her loss now means women are less likely to get promoted:

And yes, it does mean that.

“Importantly, personal beliefs about the suitability of male and female leaders were not different following the election,” the researchers note. “Nor were beliefs in the existence of the glass ceiling.” Clinton’s loss “appeared to serve as a reminder of gender bias in other people’s decision-making, but did not change beliefs about its existence or legitimacy.” 

For proponents of gender equality, that’s a positive sign. But Yates and Okimoto point out that “perceptions of the likely actions of others can still shape individual behavior.” 

For example, people may be less willing to mentor an employee who is seen as having little chance of making it up the ladder. And an individual’s drive can be dampened if you feel you have little chance of achieving your goals.


So again,

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