Can Cops Get Any Worse?

This is the worst fucking thing I have ever read oh my god I can’t believe this guy is allowed to go on living.

Off-Duty Cop Kills Baby After Smashing into Car Going 94mph—Mom Charged with Homicide

Yeah. ACAB.

Brittany Stephens, 20, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of homicide—in spite of the fact that the officer caused the deadly crash. According to police, Stephens did not have the straps at the correct level in the car seat—something parents across the country are likely ‘guilty’ of—so she is responsible for her daughter’s death.

cops attacking peaceful protest

Cops are that fucking heartless. Not only does one kill her baby and injuring everyone else in the car, not only did it take them a month to charge the officer, not only are the charges only speeding and “negligent homicide,” they’re charging the mother with the same fucking offense because they decided that the baby wasn’t strapped in properly.

I don’t know exactly how car seats work, but I’m wondering if maybe the integrity of the car seat straps might have been compromised by, oh, I dunno, the 94-MPH-collision?????? Regardless, charging this mother for murdering her own baby because she admitted to strapping the baby in is the most fucked up and heartless thing I can think of. I mean, what, are they trying to take some heat off of their fellow baby-murdering cop by charging the grieving mother? Is it retaliation for the charges against him? Or is it just because the mother is black so you’ll do anything to throw her in prison?

Whatever the reason, it’s pure fucking evil. Your shit fellow cop decided to drive 94 MPH on a simple highway and plowed into a family vehicle turning left on a green light. He deserves a more serious charge than the one you’re slapping a grieving mother with because she didn’t follow the complicated and ever-changing child car seat laws just right. That baby would have been fine if not for yet another cop confident that he’s above the law.

Abolish the police.