Supreme Court About To Decide If Queers Can Be Fired For Queerness

Oh boy, it sure is fun to have a bunch of old people including at least two serial sexual predators deciding whether or not you have basic rights, like the right to not be fired because of who you love or what your gender happens to be.

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The Supreme Court’s Transgender Employment Discrimination Case Could Decide My Future Because I’m Trans

At the center of the case is Aimee Stephens, a trans woman who was fired from her job at a funeral home after coming out as trans. According to the funeral home’s supporters in the Trump administration’s Department of Justice and at the anti-LGBTQ+ Alliance Defending Freedom, her employer officially says that she was fired for refusing to adhere to the company’s dress code for “male” employees — i.e., that she was fired because she would no longer be presenting as a man.

The ACLU is calling this “one of the most important days in LGBTQ legal history,” and it will be decided by a court that has been grossly stacked in the GOP’s favor after actual Skesis Mitch McConnell blocked any Obama Supreme Court nominee from even being considered after Scalia died and rapist baby Brett Kavanaugh was voted on after a pathetically rushed and inadequate investigation into the sexual assault allegations brought by Dr. Ford, all after former Justice Anthony Kennedy suddenly and mysteriously decided to retire.


Many LGBTQ+ celebrities and public figures have announced that they will be at the Supreme Court tomorrow to demonstrate for our rights. Unfortunately, courts are not supposed to be influenced by public opinion and no amount of queers on the court’s steps will have any effect on the black holes in the chests of the conservative judges that exist where their hearts were supposed to.

I may be doing better emotionally but my faith in the U.S. government and legal system is still pretty much at zero.

Still, stranger things have happened that the Supreme Court, even a far-right one, ruling that you can’t just fire the queers for being queer. If they don’t, however, what say we all have the biggest, gayest party there ever was? And if some windows get smashed, that’s just queers being queer. And if it should happen to notoriously homophobic companies, welp, what can you do?