Privilege Explained

I love how this comic both explains privilege and how worthless and ridiculous egalitarians are.

male oppression
Comic by Emily Helen: Cartoonist. Thank you, Emily! Transcript below.

[Panel 1 –

Man 1, holding a glass of water: Whoa. How come I only got like half a glass of water?

Panel 2 –

Man 1: How much water did you get?

Man 2, holding a full glass of water: Dude, give it a rest. I think you can manage.

Panel 3 –

Man 1, to waiter with water pitcher: Oh, excuse me. I ordered a glass of water but it’s only half full. Could you top it off?

Panel 4 –

Waiter, while pouring: Of course. No problem!

Panel 5 – 

Man 2: Hey, wait a minute, you didn’t give me any water! That’s not fair!!

Panel 6 –

Waiter, pointing to both now full glasses: Actually, it is. I just made up the difference. Now both glasses are full.

Panel 7 –

Man 2: But you gave him more than me!!!

Panel 8 –

Waiter, looking annoyed, pours water into the already full glass of man 2, causing the glass to overflow and spill water everywhere.]